Trade customers

Loose dustcaps

We supply Cappa Dustcaps in bulk to traders for tyre refits or promotional campaigns.

Available in various colours:

  • Standard black
  • Nitrogen green
  • red
  • blue
  • silver
  • yellow
  • orange
  • pink
  • white

Ideal for tyre replacement centres as evidence of innovation and technical progress, acts as incentive to customers to maintain their tyres.

Ideal for businesses to offer employees as incentive to check tyres and save fuel costs. Colour choices enable companies to match their corporate branding colours.

Ideal for Fleet Managers, Cappa Dustcaps have been proven to cut tyre pressure check time by 75%.


Cappa Dustcaps are packaged in sealed clampacks with an insert-card to reflect the car, motorbike or bicycle market into which they are sold.

The unique features of Cappa Dustcaps are clearly displayed on the reverse of insert-card, offering retailers a ready-made marketing tool.

Clampacks for motorbikes and bicycles contain 2 Cappa Dustcaps

Clampacks for the car market contain 4 Cappa Dustcaps

Every clampack has a Euroslot for hanging either individually or as part of a space-saving clipstrip.


Clipstrips can display either 6 or 12 clampacks in any combination of colours.

Clipstrips can be supplied with or without hooks and headers.

Shelf ready trays

Clampacks can be presented in our Cappa branded, shelf ready trays (SRT).

Acting as both a display unit and storage container, each SRT contains 12 clampacks in any colour combination and allows for flexible positioning in any retail outlet.

SRTs can be restocked with individual clampacks which are supplied in polybags (4 of one colour).

Goldfish bowls

An eye-catching goldfish bowl counter display unit provides a flexible solution for retail outlets who prefer not to hang products.

Cappa Dustcaps can be purchased individually by your customers; this colourful presentation creates an appealing incentive for customers of all ages.

Each goldfish bowl contains 200 Cappa Dustcaps of any colour. Easy restocking facility.

UK after-market distributors

Car: Pearl Automotive

Motorbike and bicycle: Bike-it

Scooter: VE-UK

Please contact us for further information about cappa Dustcaps.