About cappa Dustcaps

The innovative Cappa Dustcap is a welcome advance in the tyre pressure market.

Developed to simplify and speed up tyre pressure checks, the unique, screw-free Cappa Dustcap is an obvious way forward for the automotive sector.

Cappa Dustcaps are designed as push-on, pull-off dustcaps that stay permanently attached to the valve stem so there is no danger of dropping or losing them whilst you inflate your tyre.


This revolutionary, screw-free design is useful for owner drivers and critical for Fleet Managers as it cuts tyre pressure check time by 75%.

Precision designed by a UK-based team working in Formula 1 tyre diagnostics, Cappa Dustcaps have quickly become an obvious innovation for the mass automotive market.

  • Tested successfully for air leaks to 42 psi on tyres – even with the valve core removed
  • Tested successfully at temperatures between +40C and -40C
  • Can be used on HGV and aviation tyres up to 1000 psi with a Flo-thru cap (Dill 6541)
  • Made from highly-resistive material
  • Designed to work with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
  • No corrosion issues
  • Does not weld on to the valve stem
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Example uses of Cappa Dustcaps

Bike Car
Motorbike Aircraft


Cappa Dustcap's “easy to use, hard to lose” design encourages good tyre life and reduces your vehicle's carbon footprint.


“What a fantastic product! I wish I'd thought of it.”
M.A., Micheldever Tyres, UK

“This is a great 21st Century idea....saves fuel costs, extends tyre life and helps the planet!”
J.W., Napa Group, USA.