Fleet Managers

With the ever increasing legislation surrounding tyre pressure measurement, Fleet Managers are only too aware of the business hours and money currently spent on this task.

Fitting a fleet – large or small – with Cappa Dustcaps allows you to cut 75% off the time a tyre pressure check takes.

Cappa Dustcaps are designed to work on vehicles fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Cappa Dustcaps have been successfully tested for air leaks to 42 psi on tyres with the valve core removed.


For tyres with a higher pressure¬† (up to 1,000 psi), Cappa Dustcaps must be used with a Dill 6541 Flo-thru cap to maintain full performance.

The Cappa Dustcap's easy push-on, pull-off design allows you to simply pull open the cap, take the pressure reading and then push the cap shut, before moving on to the next tyre.

Fitting your fleet with Cappa Dustcaps:

  • saves money on man hours
  • saves money on the fuel consumption of a vehicle fleet
  • allows correctly-inflated tyres to increase tyre life
  • makes driving safer through improved tyre maintenance
  • helps reduce harmful emissions

HGV and large vehicles

Even HGV and other large-vehicle fleets can save 75% of time on tyre pressure checks. High psi tyres simply require a Flow-thru cap between the valve stem and and the Cappa Dustcap. We can supply Dill 6541 Flow-thru caps for this purpose.

Once fitted, the pressure check on each tyre can be performed in seconds.

The benefits of easy tyre pressure checks on trucks and other large vehicles are proven:

  • if drivers can check tyre pressures quickly and easily before they start a journey, research shows that they will do so – thus saving your business money on fuel consumption and avoiding the danger and cost of tyre blow outs
  • a push-on, pull-off cap, requiring no tools for removal and re-fitting, is an obvious solution to the natural inclination to ignore pressure checks

Fleet Managers can purchase Cappa Dustcaps in a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 dustcaps.

Colours include:

  • Standard black
  • Nitrogen green
  • red
  • blue
  • silver
  • yellow
  • orange
  • pink
  • white